Great Scenery and Varied Terrain

Altea is a great place for cycling enthusiasts with its beautiful scenary and varied terrain.  Here are a few popular cycling routes in and around Altea.

Sierra de Bernia:  

The Sierra de Bernia mountain range offers a challenging cycling route with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding countryside.  The route takes you through the towns of Altea, Calpe, and Jalon.

Coastal Route:  

The coastal route is an easy and scenic cycling route that takes you along the Mediterranean Sea.  The route starts from Altea and goes through the towns of Albir, Benidorm, and Villajoyosa.

Coll de Rates:  

The Coll de Rates is a popular cycling route in the region with a challenging climb of 6.5km.  The route offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and the Mediterranean Sea.

Altea la Vella:  

The Altea la Vella route is a moderate cycling route that takes you through the countryside and the town of Altea la Vella.  The route offers beautiful views of the Sierra de Bernia mountain range.

No matter which route you choose, make sure to wear appropriate cycling gear and bring plenty of water.  It's also important to follow traffic rules and be mindful of other cyclists and drivers on the road.  Enjoy your ride!