Some recommended day trips from Altea


Valencia is a vibrant city located about 2 hours north of Altea by car or train.  It is known for its stunning architecture, including the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, and its delicious food, including paella.  Other attractions in Valencia include the Central Market, the Turia Gardens and the historic Barrio del Carmen.


Guadelest is a small medieval town located about 30 minutes inland from Altea.  it is perched on a rocky outcrop and surrounded by stunning mountain scenery.  Highlights of a visit to Guadalest include the Castle of San Jose, the Museum of Ethnology, and the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

Algar Waterfalls

The Algar Waterfalls are located about 30 minutes from Altea and offer a beautiful natural setting with several waterfalls and natural pools.  It is a great place to go for a swim or a hike along the river.


Calpe is a coastal town located about 20 minutes north of Altea.  It is known for its iconic rock formation, Penyal d'Ifac, which rises 322 meters above sea level.  Other attractions in Calpe include the beautiful beaches, the old town, and the fish market.


Denia is a coastal town located about 45 minutes north of Altea.  It is known for its beautiful beaches, the castle, and the Montgo Natural Park.  It is also a great place to go for fresh seafood and to catch a ferry to the Balearic Islands.